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iser -- super bowl first. that is only one part of the excitement in new orleans. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. good evening,. it is friday, february 1st, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin in fairfield where the police are investigating the death of a teenage girl. her naked body was found in a park. we are live at alan whit park on west texas street where the authorities have been piecing together what happened, john? >> reporter: gasia, the police confirmed the identity of the victim who was found over there in this parking lot. they would not tell us her name and age but they know who she is and where she came from. >> reporter: the process lasted most of the day finally around 5:00 p.m.
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the police announced this victim was the same person reported missing last night after not returning home from school. >> we think that the investigation, again, we picked it up and when our officers were actually attempting to get additional information from the reporting party is when we were notified by the pd their case. >> reporter: at 6:45 a passerby found the body and contacted the police. they shutdown the parking lot. this afternoon we met a man who driven by at 5:00 a.m. and said he saw something suspicious. >> a car parked in the parking lot facing south with his headlights on with a larger man standing next to his car. it just struck me funny all day. >> reporter: the police tell me they are following up on that information. they add the girl was found naked but no obvious signs of trauma. they say she was a young teen. nearby residents are concerned about the park and the rougher crowd that sometimes gathers here. >> i used to take my daughter to this park and now i can't
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anymore. >> because of what happened? >> yes and a lot of people drinking and stuff. it is not a good park. >> it is the main park here. one of the pride and joys. but she was right wide open in the parking lot. it was concealed by night. >> reporter: the police are reviewing available video. we found two cameras across the street. one that caught nothing and the other not hooked up. we are live, ktvu channel 2 news. the police call him a ticking time bomb and a career criminal with gang ties now under arrest for attempted murder. it happened this morning near center and kelly road. officers say they had a tip that 30-year-old mitchell post was in an apartment complex. wanted for at least two southbound shootings. the police put in devices and after 30 minutes he surrendered. this operation follows two months of intense police work. >> he was concealing his identity and where he was
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staying and where he was hiding and coming out and things like that. but, just, out in public he was disguising himself. >> tonight, he is held in jail. san jose police are also investigating a bizarre robbery earlier today. the men were at their home when they heard someone breaking into a car about 2:00 a.m. when the woman approached the suspect is he chased them into their house and purchased one of them. -- punched one of them. both fled but a second person assaulted them before they made it to a neighbor's house. a joint press confriends between opposing coaches who happen to be brothers. jim and john harbaugh talk about-facing each other in the biggest game of their careers and who is the most competitive person in the family. >> no one more competitive fire than my mother. she competes like a maniac.
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i learned number one, that is that. and she is just always believed in us. >> we are fiercely loyal. no doubt. we would all say that. not just of one another. >> when you win it is jubilation and when you lose it is just bitter disappointment because so much goes into it. it will be no different in this game but on a greater scale because of the opportunity to win the championship. >> someone asked the brothers if they would consider teaming up if either would lose his job, john said no question about it. super bowl fever has hit new orleans in full force. the game is two days away and new orleans is beginning to fill up. we are live in the french quarter where ken you found big crowds tonight including plenty of 49er fans. >> gasia we are in the french quarter on the banks of the mississippi river. you can see this giant logo set
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up for the super bowl. this area is called super bowl boulevard. this whole park on the waterfront in the french quarter has been transformed into a modern nfl showcase. but, burbon street, a short distance away, has not changed. >> a familiar face at candlestick park, super niner is here playings his banjo on bush burbon street. >> reporter: there are many of fans. her devotion has been handed down from her mother. >> my middle name is jo after joe montana. my mom is a diehard niner's fan. >> you can find it all. kroetures lurking on the sidewalk, drinking and some being carted off to jail. michael spent his day trying to get the autograph of jerry rice. >> after his interview i got his autograph and it was perfect, man. i saw him may and just to see
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him, he can still play man, he got it. >> reporter: many fans say they have tickets. face value is $800 and some are spending more than that. >> $5,000 a piece. >> you paid $5,000 for a ticket? >> yes. >> sitting on the 30 yard line, it is $5,000 a pop and we don't give a -- [beep] >> reporter: you are looking at a live picture of the downtown mariot in new orleans that is where the 49ers players are staying tonight. and then as we come across you can see the stage. it just wrapped up a musical act here. a lot of energy in the air. a lot of things happening in this town. in the french quarter and beyond. very exciting the countdown continues. the day is sunday and people here are getting pumped up
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about it. >> they are reporting from new orleans they will have live coverage leading up to sunday's sup iser bowl. sanfrancisco has a simple message for fans hoping to celebrate sunday night. >> if if you go out there and you start vandalizing property and start hurting other people the consequences are severe. >> he pointed to the violence after the giants world series championship. 14 people have been prosecuted and some people are spending five people behind bars. all for one night being drunk and stupid. his office uses pictures posted to the internet to support prosecution. the 49er frenzy extends collin's hometown. a move with a message delivered today. the city of oakland is joining a few other places from the country and issuing its own identification cards to people who live there. the cards are available to everyone including illegal immigrants. the cards can double as debt
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cards. people can register for the new id card. the city plans to make them available by march 15th. >> the weather service issued a warning today if you play with your dog near the surf don't go in after them if you think they are trouble. since 2008 several people died trying to rescue their dogs. they all say your dog is a better swimmer than you are and will likely make it out okay without your help. now, to our continuing coverage of the flu season. the health officials say the deaths of two homeless men are linked to the virus. those men were 58 years old and died in mid-january. we visited the homeless camp where we learned the victims lived. many people this said they knew them. one woman told us she nursed one of the men. >> for two days i took care of him. i fed him and stuff. he was sick in bed. i thought he died from
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pneumonia. >> the deaths bring the total deaths to 14. in light of the deaths the couldn't seis sending out mobile units to offer flu shots to people who live on the streets. a new report finds health safety and other problems at a santa clara county foster care system. the first stop for childrenepterring the foster care -- entering the foster care system. it is littered with garbage and only serves processed food. they told ktvu they removed the debris, stepped up security and ordered the staff to serve fresh nutritious food. a milestone that has not been seen in more than 5 years. the dow chosed above 14,000 today. the last time it happened was october 2007. the dow gained 149 points today and is 155 points shy of the highest close ever. nasdaq gained 36. traders were encouraged by department figures showing they
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add 157 jobs last month. and revised the numbers over the past two years. the economy created 180,000 jobs per month in 2011 and 2012 up from an estimate from 150,000. the government says the u.s. unemployment rate clicked up to 7.9% from 7.8. a watering hole tonight, a new location. the lounge celebrated the official reeping at the new fisherman wharf location. it came here after a conflict with their landlord. they return just in time for the 49ers return to the super bowl. the mayor proclaimed gold dust lounge day and promised to drop by during sunday's game. the first day of san francisco's nudity ban. what protesters did and how the police reacted. hilary rodham clinton departure today is just the tip
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oakland firecrews says a fire looks like it was dell set and it knocked out power to 40 customers and damaged two cars itch the mess say an oak hand woman can face charges for a false amber alert for a child that did not really exist. it was issued at 4:30 this morning. a woman claimed her boyfriend took their 1-year-old girl
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after attacking her. the boyfriend surrendered to the police and that is when the police found out this is no child. the woman can be charged with filing a false report. now, to washington where today, hilary rodham clinton stepped down as secretary of state. and a lab director, steven chew resigned. some white house transitions are going smoother than others. >> thank you, thank you. >> it is a changing of the guard at state department as hillary clinton bids good-bye in a public way and kerry is privately sworn in. >> as i leave this department, confident, confident about the direction we have set. >> reporter: despite the cheerful send off it comes among questions about the attack in libya and the same day of a new attack in turkey. >> she is popular around the worm. but if you look at the actual results i think that there is a lot more disorder now than there were then. >> reporter: clinton's
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departure is part of a major cabinet shovel. chew submitted his resignation. he is leaving amid questioning of the handling of a solarenergy loan but still praised by the president. >> because of his leadership the country is further along to the path of energy and independence. >> reporter: hood says he is departs and the washington is waiting to see if hagel will get the top spot at the pentagon. >> a net increase in the number of yes votes for the senator's confirmation since the hearing ended. >> reporter: but several republicans say he is not getting their vote because they can not reconcile his past statements and current stanceis on israel and iran. >> i don't intend to vote for him in the committee or on the senate floor. and this are just so many inconsistencies. >> the president's 2nd term shovel is wide-ranging, effecting the departments of labor, interior and the epa and cia.
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in washington, jennifer davis, fox news i. for the first time the government is having a standard for high school lunches. making sure it is healthier so there is a guideline for fat, sugar and sodium levels, applying to srepding machines as well. sanfrancisco schools began the healthier food program last month. today marks the 10th anniversary of the explosion shuttle "columbia." [music] >> hundreds tpwagtered to mark the somber anniversary. nasa officials and family members attended the ceremony. it exploded over johnson space senter in texas following a 16- day mission. all seven crew members died that day. it was blamed on a piece of foam that fell from the tank during the launch opening a hole in the wing. for the first time apple is now number one for wireless
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sales here in the u.s. they estimate apple sold nearly 18 million iphones in 2012, fueled by the popular iphone 5. samsung sold 17 million phones. today, twitter said that a quarter million users have is had their data hacked. the site says attackers may of used names, e-mails, pass words for 250,000 accounts. twitter said they notified those users and reset passwords for the compromised accounts. san francisco police confronted angry nudists today outside of city hall as a new ban took effect. some protesters were hauled away by the police. >> why are we wasting city resources on suit guys? >> the first day of the ban on public nudity sparked a lunchtime protest outside of city hall. full he nude men and women
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faced off against police officers and sheriff deputies. >> right now you are in violation, okay. i will give you about 15 minutes to get your things, put your clothes on, if not you will force me to issue a citation. >> reporter: it prohibits the display of lower body genitles. fine for the first and jail possible for repeated offenses. >> we are hoping that people will be mature enough and under stand it is a balance between their individual rights and everybody else's concerns. >> we should not be limiting rights we should be expanding rights just like the right to marriage. >> a judge on tuesday upheld the ban says they must prove the stiffels a political message. >> we are hoping to get arrested and cited and evidence to the fact that free speech is violated. then we can resubmit our complaints. >> with dozens of people watching, officers began
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loading nudists into the vans. both sides say they expect more confrontations to come. >> it is an ordinance that the police department must enforce. like any other law. >> four people were cited and released. they now hope to take the complaint to the 9 south circuit of appeals. an investigation is underway after department of justice pilot allegedly performed a stupbd over a high school football game without permission from the dojt. happened last november right near sacramento. video of wassed on the you tube. it shows -- youtube and it shows someone climbing out of a helicopter and dropping a football on the field. students of the quarterback, collin, showed their true colors today. [cheers and applause] there was a sea of red and gold
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at pitman school. they dressed up in niner gear and gave their bisepts a kiss. >> i saw a lot of kids that bought, you know, 49er gear, 49er hats, jerseys. i mean they really took part in this it is just the whole hometown, high school connection. >> he was a stand out baseball and basketball player at the school. along with football. teachers say he held a 4.1 grade point average. has more super bowl coverage including a link to today's joint news conference. look for the link in the special section at the top of the home page. well, the question on most everyone's mind. who do you got for the super
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bowl. >> avoiding much of the bizness. >> the forecast is next you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. we got our latest look in the devil tunnels today. the 4200 foot tunnels are expected to open in the next 8 weeks or so. they say they are busy testing
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the state of the art systems including air monitoring and fire surpression. they are expected to withhold after the largest earthquake. they will be abling to override people's car radios to broadcast instructionsism the first day of february. though it feels a lot like middle april. >> beautiful out there. temperatures soring a i few spots it in the low 70s across the region. we warmed up today. things begin to change. not a big change but things transition into a little bit of a cooling trend heading into saturday. first, though, we will relive the warm numbers out this afternoon. oakland topped out, 71, morgan hill, stereo. and lots of 60s out towards pacificca, san jose. you can see the satellite on storm tracker 2. over the past few hours, increasing the cloud cover. moving in from the south. continuing to move into the region especially for the southern half of the bay area with increase in high clouds
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and fog hugging the bay area shoreline. especially south of the golden gate bridge developing over the next few hours. the current temperatures, showing you 50s out towards san francisco, hayward right now, checking in 60 degrees and fairfield. most he cheer skies and 50. forecast headlines for tonight. we do have is partly cloudy skies, the temperatures on the cool side later on tonight. this weekend, minor cooling with a sun cloud mix for your saturday. and then the extended more chowd cover, cooler temperatures than we could possibly be talking about rain chances. the way and in the middle 30s. even fog hugging the coastline even a summertime weather pattern resembling that that. an area of low pressure off shore. not approaching the bay area. saturday, high clouds.
7:26 pm
a little cooler and then sunday morning cloud cover. it will be nice out there. here is the forecast model showing you the overcast, going into sunday. then saturday night. by sunday, some overcast out there. heading into the afternoon hours. the temperatures for tomorrow. not a big change. but, a little bit cooler on the order of 2-4 degrees today. the warm reading. san jose, 63, san mathey kwroe, ma-- san mateo. a louisiana resident made her super bowl prediction, take a look at ema the otter. she lives in new orleans, the trainer says a football is her favorite toy. today she had a choice of two buckets, one marked ravens and one marked 9ers. shes toes it into the niner's bucket. last year she did predict the men's college final 4. we will have to see. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2. we will see you the
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next time news breaks. our coverage continues at the 10:00 news. tonight we check in with our sports director live at the superdome in new orleans. tmz is up next here on tv36 serious, we compare our direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here.
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